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The Power Of 2 Way SMS

Why Listening To Your Customers Matters

Every conversation, whether it takes place in the personal or professional realm, is supposed to be a give-and-take affair. We’ve seen all too many companies forget this basic fact and then suffer the consequences. Losing touch with your customers results in damaged relationships and lost revenue.

This is one of the reasons we’ve worked hard to simplify and spread the use of 2-way SMS communication for businesses of every size. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time dedicated to working together with our customers to build the best communication tools for them. Our current web platform delivers outstanding customer engagement thanks to its full use of 2-way SMS messaging.

2 Way SMS: Good For Every Size.

We’ve helped organisations of every size harness the power of 2-way SMS. From sole traders to modest franchise operations to giant multinationals – everyone can benefit from the greater engagement this technology provides.

  • The Power Of Automation

    You can maintain fulfilling 2-way communications with your customers without investing huge amounts of resources. Your inbound campaigns can be fully automated with a range of different auto-responses.

  • Promotions & Competitions

    You can use 2-way SMS as an all-in-one tool for creating, monitoring, and modifying powerful marketing campaigns.

  • Integration With CRM Platforms

    2-Way SMS can be fully integrated into your organisation’s CRM system or reminder service. Messages can be scheduled automatically with email to SMS features extending the system’s reach significantly.

  • A Centralized Response System

    You can have SMS messages forwarded to your inbox in the platform or automatically forwarded to your own CRM system or application using a webhook. You can also reply to messages individually in the inbox.

  • Zero Delays

    The 2-way SMS system allows unimpeded communication between you and your customers without any delays. You can see and respond instantly to issues as they arise.

  • A Wide Platform Selection

    We know that different businesses are using different tools. We make it easy to add message sending to your existing system with minimum disruption. You can use our own web platform, integrate through an API, or sync your SMS system completely into your email platform.

  • A Fully Customised Experience

    With Promotexter, you can customise every aspect of your web messaging service. You can include the features you need and take out the ones you don’t. The range of available features includes scheduled sending, keyword triggers, personalised sender IDs, and more.

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As soon as you’ve set up your platform to your liking and prepared your messages, you’re ready to begin. Remember, incoming SMS messages are free! If you require any assistance or have any questions, you can reach our customer care team at any time, day or night.

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