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Whether you have the most innovative product in your niche or you are hosting the greatest promotional or sales event, you need to get the word out. With a bulk SMS service, you have the opportunity to create stellar consumer awareness that is not only engaging but also very effective.
Using mass SMS, you can design your message and reach thousands or even hundreds of thousands of customers at once.

Bulk SMS will allow you to reach the vast majority of your market at the same time with just one click of a button.

Most importantly, with SMS having a read rate of over 95%, you are assured that the vast majority of your customer base will read your message. With this in mind, don’t stick to marketing platforms that are ineffective. Instead, use a marketing solution that is used by the majority of the world population. Acquaint yourself with the benefits businesses can gain from using bulk SMS.

The Benefits You Stand To Gain By Using Bulk SMS

At Promotexter, we have been at the forefront in witnessing how impactful bulk SMS can be, especially when used effectively. We have seen businesses of all sizes, from large multinationals to SME’s and sole traders grow their bottom line and improve their brand awareness by simply using bulk SMS. Herein are some of the benefits businesses stand to gain by using bulk SMS.

  • Branded Communications

    Bulk SMS can come from your own brand name – increasing your own brand awareness as well as giving your customers peace of mind that the message can be trusted. Just request your own branded “sender name” from within our platform.

  • Sales Promotions And Competitions

    You can create interactive and engaging promotional campaigns by using two-way SMS and SMS marketing all through our platform. You can send the SMS, monitor delivery, and carry out replies all through one platform.

  • We Respect Your Privacy

    In this privacy-conscious age, we allow you to choose how much information you wish to store on the platform. Of course, we allow you to choose to upload your contacts to the platform, along with any custom fields such as membership numbers – and we take industry-leading steps to protect this data. Alternately you can send using other options to minimise the information you are disclosing to us. We offer two market-leading solutions for this: File blast sending and regular campaigns which “don’t save to contacts”.

  • Personalise Your Messages

    Whether you choose to upload your contacts or not, we provide options to allow you to personalise your messages.

  • Scheduling

    With our scheduling features, you can send bulk SMS whenever and however it is appropriate for you. You can plan campaigns for individual market segments in advance – or send huge campaigns all at once using our high-speed delivery.

  • Real-Time Information

    You can send and receive all your messages in real-time. This is very important with regards to being timely with your replies. You can receive all your SMS messages and reply to them as they come in.

  • One Platform For Everything You Need

    Our system allows you to conduct every aspect of your marketing campaign from a single point. While most bulk campaigns are sent using a branded sender name, we can even provide the option to send from a virtual mobile number. This means your customers can reply to you and their reply comes back to the inbox on the platform or can be automatically forwarded to your own CRM solution. From the platform, you can trigger auto-responses or send your own replies.

  • Opt-out Option

    We offer market leading capability to include a unique opt out code in every SMS sent to ensure your customers feel in control and give you the assurance you can satisfy any concerns from the regulators.

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