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Discover Why You Need To Use SMS For Your Business

In this day and age mobile is the reigning king and this makes SMS supreme. This means that it’s super easy for businesses to connect with their customers. To do this, however, does require having the right platform. Promotexter is one such organisation that provides access to the latest mobile messaging solutions. This allows for the growth of a company’s client base and helps them connect to users regardless of where they are in the world.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re only sending a single message to notify an important client about something or if you are sending out a bulk SMS to thousands or even millions of consumers. At Promotexter, our tailored solutions are specialised to suit the SMS needs of your business. We have very competitive pricing since we have our own direct connections to mobile networks as well as a state of the art cloud based system. These factors have made us the top choice for businesses regardless of their size or type.

Our company enjoys thousands of happy customers that are located all over the world. We have one very simple focus and that is to deliver the message you want to send to the world. There are many consumers who want to have SMS communications with companies and this has led businesses becoming more serious about this form of communication. Some experts predict that by the year 2025 half of all SMS will be from companies to consumers. These messages will be regarding payments and deliveries as well as appointments and other important information.

This is why our platform is perfectly suited to mobile marketing and a helpful tool for companies trying to reach their clients. Promotexter’s marketing platform was developed specifically for this purpose and to engage with consumers via SMS. It is the perfect choice for businesses of any size who want to begin implementing SMS marketing.

How Can SMS Benefit Your Business?

This type of communication has become one of the most influential and reliable mediums used in the market today. Over 5 billion mobile users around the world send trillions of messages each year. This makes getting your message to them easier than ever.

It really doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what your focus is because organisations all over the world can capitalise on the benefits of SMS. It can help your business increase its reach and improve the interaction you have with your customers as well as grow your brand. It will improve your business and give your customers something they can smile about.

  • Enjoy Instant Deliverability

    As you can deliver this type of communication instantly, it means that you have instantaneous communication. You can confirm appointments and provide updates and alerts that your customers need to know about. As many as 95% of the messages you send out using SMS will be opened within minutes. There’s no better or faster way to communicate with customers.

  • Engage With Your Consumers

    You’ll not only be able to talk instantly with customers, but you’ll also find that they will talk with you. This gives you the perfect chance to do extra promotions and offer various discounts. This type of communication is a two-way street that fully engages with your customer.

  • The Rewards Of Using This Resource

    You’ll be saving money and time while better connecting with your customers using SMS. You can forget about any ineffective and expensive communication channels you may have used in the past. By going with this system you will be assured of getting your message to the intended party and you’ll be able to do it without breaking your budget – fast.

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