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What is a Dedicated Virtual Number?

With a Dedicated Virtual Phone Number you can send and receive SMS messaging and it only belongs to you (unlike shared Shortcodes). The virtual number is your own unique special code that employees and customers can learn to know you by, and one that nobody else can send messages from.

We have virtual phone numbers that you can easily integrate into applications, which enable P2P and P2A communication.

Having a custom number of your own for receiving messages from clients, which is a dedicated number, is a critical component for 2-way SMS communication. This allows you to directly connect with your customers and allows you to be confident that you will get their messages.

What is a Shortcode?

Shortcodes are typically 4 digit numbers unified across all networks in a country. They are generally shared by several businesses and rely on keywords to route messages to the applicable business.

Shortcodes offer some benefits such as being easy for customers to remember and optionally can allow the customer to send free replies. However they can be expensive and time consuming to set up. Promotexter is able to assist you in getting your shortcode solution up and running in the shortest time possible.

Sales and Promotions

Having a Virtual Number makes it possible to set up interactive marketing campaigns all from one platform that you send, monitor and reply to.

Real Time

Your Virtual Number allows you to respond right away to customer questions and get responses back in real time. Having 2-Way SMS is ideal for engaging customers right away.

The way it works

Because virtual numbers are associated with one account, that also means you have more flexibility compared to shared shortcodes. It may be used in advertising and anybody with the number will be able to directly send a message to it.

Benefits of Having a Dedicated Virtual Number to Use

Use our SMS web online system to view and reply to, all of the incoming messages that are in your inbox.

Send bulk campaigns that customers can reply to.

Include the number in advertising and other material since it is dedicated to you.

No limitations on message volumes

Able to integrate with your own CRM or other systems for fully integrated 2-way messaging.

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