How Effective is SMS Marketing in 2018?

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Is SMS Marketing Effective in 2018

Today, we have more marketing channels available to us than ever before, but finding the best marketing options can be tricky. Traditional methods, such as print marketing or TV, are still quite expensive for an SME, but mobile advertising, online marketing and email have their own problems – with ad blockers and spam filters making it hard for companies to really see attractive returns from them.

SMS marketing is becoming one of the more popular methods for reaching consumers, because there is a very high open rate – around 98 percent – and a good conversion rate too.

SMS marketing offers a good opportunity for boosting the conversion rate of other forms of marketing too. It’s a great technique with a lot of versatility.

Mobiles are Ubiquitous

Mobile Cellphones

Over the last decade, mobile phone use has become ubiquitous. Today, there are more than five billion mobile owners, and this means that it is easier than ever before to reach the average consumer. Since there are more mobiles in people’s hands, and people are spending double the amount of time on mobile phones than they think they are. The average person touches their phone more than 2,600 times per day. This shows that they’re highly engaged, and that you can get a lot of eyeballs on your message when you send an SMS.

A huge number of businesses are turning to SMS marketing, and it’s not all just SMEs either. Coca-cola has put 70% of their mobile marketing budget into SMS marketing, and is using it as a way of reaching their young audiences. The young people like it, too. With around 85% of university students saying that they prefer to have SMS as a method of reaching customer service. There are high open rates among young audiences, and high preferences too. Those young people will grow older and become people with high disposable incomes, so it makes sense to use the marketing methods that they prefer.

Get Stronger Conversion Rates

Conversion Rates

Email has a response rate of just 8%. The response rate for SMS messages is 45%, which is an incredible response rate compared to what you could expect from other methods. Indeed, one interesting case study is that of FunMobility reported that when they changed to SMS marketing they enjoyed a CTR of 36 percent, which was more than ten times what they got from email.

One of the challenges that companies report when it comes to SMS marketing is understanding the effectiveness of their campaigns. It’s easy to insert tracker codes into an email marketing campaign. SMS marketing can be tracked quite effectively too, since you can use tracking code on the links that you broadcast.

SMS marketing should not be standalone. It works best when it is used as a link to other channels – whether that channel is email, website, or even in-store visits. You can achieve a lot by using a shortened hyperlink in your SMS message to suggest that people come to your site. Alternatively, a simple ‘check your email for updates’ can go a long way and will often increase your overall email open rate. The skin-care brand Kiehl saw a huge response rate to one of their recent campaigns, with 73% of their opted-in consumers choosing to make a purchase after they were told of a product launch via SMS marketing.

Simple, Direct and Efficient


One of the main reasons that direct marketing via SMS is so useful is that it has a huge chance of making it to the message inbox of the person that you are contacting. With email, you will find that as many as 20% of your marketing messages are going to end up going to a spam folder. With SMS, it’s more likely that the message will be read, often within minutes of being received. As long as you use the SMS marketing technique sparingly, you will find that your users will look at your phone, read the message, and be highly unlikely to block it.

SMS marketing is a cost-effective way of reaching your consumers, and it is something that is device agnostic. It does not matter whether your users are reading the message on a simple feature phone or a smartphone, they will get the same message and the same end-user experience.

SMS marketing campaigns may cost more to get started with than email marketing for a small company, but the cost is still minimal, and the ROI is significantly greater. They improve the public’s perception of your brand, and they offer a simple, fast and efficient way of engaging with your users. It makes sense to join the legions of big, respected brands, and to show that you are in tune with what the younger generation wants when it comes to how their favorite brands talk to them.

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