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Trusted by some of the largest brands in the Philippines

Our SMS gateway is centred around security, reliability and performance. Promotexter has partnered with many cutting-edge organisations in order to develop some of the most innovative mobile messaging solutions for driving revenue growth and delivering an excellent result for all of our enterprise clients.

We are fully committed to providing first-class services and products which are reflected in our industry-leading level agreements, our countrywide and international reach, and dedication to make sure that our SMS technology is utilised for placing clients at the forefront of their respective fields.

  • Delivering Results

    With the direct connections that we have with the major mobile carriers all across the country (Globe, Sun, and Smart), our proprietary carrier-grade SMS gateway provides unsurpassed security and service quality to our enterprise partners and clients. Those connections enable you to consolidate all of your messaging needs with one single “carrier agnostic” vendor.

  • Country Wide Connectivity

    You are able to directly benefit from the direct relationships that Promotexter has with the Philippines biggest mobile carriers, and also backed by our industry-leading web messaging platform and secure cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Scalable and Flexible

    The intelligent SMS routing system of Promotexter provides a very powerful messaging architecture that scales to thousands of messages a second. When bulk SMS is used it can instantly meet your messaging requirements evolving needs.

  • Easy Integration

    We completely understand that each client is unique. Our skilled staff and industry experience will ensure there is a seamless integration via an API connection with your existing infrastructure.

  • Quality to the Core

    Benefiting from real-time reporting will enable you to track your message starting from their inception all the way to the handset. If you should encounter any difficulties, you can contact our dedicated account managers and our 24/7 hotline is available for troubleshooting.

  • Peace of Mind

    You can trust that Promotexter will share its advice and experience from the earliest planning stages through to implementing and delivering your project. After your solution is up and running, there is always technical assistance that is available to you.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    You can rely on Promotexter for our 24/7 monitoring of connectivity to our carriers, with delivery performance and message throughput tracked by a proprietary routing system which dynamically responds to any delivery problems.

Built Purposely For Enterprise

  • Your Control and Command Centre

    The enterprise product suite from Promotexter provides large organisations with the ability to roll out new mobile messaging solutions seamlessly to their Philippine customers and scale them upwards flexibly as demand continues to grow. Our enterprise customers have access to a number of different advanced web interface design features that can be customised so that they suit your specific business environment and needs.

    This includes:

    Advanced Messaging Interface
    Seamless Application Integration
    Department / Advanced Cost-Centre Reporting

    Spam Compliance / Dedicated Opt-Out Tools
    Enterprise Level User Management
    Campaign Management Tools

  • Performance Matters

    Having our specialist network technicians and robust system architecture ensures that the Promotexter network operates at peak efficiency at all times. Our support staff and dedicated account management team are on standby to make sure that our system continues servicing your business’s evolving needs.

  • API Integration

    With SMS power at your fingertips, you can cost-effectively and directly communicate with customers and employees all across the Philippines.

    One of the major advantages of partnering with Promotexter is the flexible and powerful integration options that we provide, which enables your business to seamlessly integrate mobile messaging into its daily operations. APIs provide our enterprise customers with the capacity to integrate SMS into all of the various aspects of their businesses – ERPs, CRMs, intranets, websites, applications, and other types of corporate software – to provide existing corporate applications with real-time messaging capability.

    Our mobile messaging team of specialists have years of experiencing working to integrate complex messaging requirements into existing corporate environments. Our development team can consult with you so that they understand what your needs are and then tailor a solution through the use of a secure web interface that is connected to the systems that you already have.

  • Dedicated Support

    Dedicated Support

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