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What You Need To Know about SMS API and Integration

Allow your software to conduct all the hard work by integrating an SMS API into your company today.

You will experience a transition that is seamless when you integrate mobile-messaging into any of your existing ERPs, CRM and eCommerce platforms. This means you can sit back and watch your business grow as you will have the ability to send native SMS’s from your existing applications. We have a range of secure, scalable and robust SMS API’s which are all developed in-house to guarantee a high-output and reliable solution for all your enterprise messaging requirements.

How Does Our SMS API Portal Operate?

API integration is actually a basic approach which is utilized by many organisations on a daily basis, across the globe. It is made to assist with the improvement of communication workflow and business efficiencies. We have made the process of sending out bulk SMS an easy task, by allowing you to connect directly to your CRM or internal software directly into a Promotexter SMS gateway with one of our popular off-the-shelf API’s. Connecting through an API gives you the ability to send SMS messages as you would in our SMS platform, but from your own personalised software.

You will be forwarded with a receipt with each successful delivery of your messages. From the start to the finish, the process occurs within seconds, which ultimately saves you a considerable amount of resources and time throughout the process.

All of the Promotexter accounts come with the dynamic API Key system, which allows you to easily and quickly edit and create New User credentials which are then sent through our efficient suite of API’s. If you already have software that is compatible with mobile messaging, all you need to do is retrieve your Promotexter API Key from your account and then insert this inside your software in order to begin sending. If you are a developer that is interested in adding SMS functionality to a brand-new application or software that you are currently working on, we suggest that you browse through our code samples and API documentation.

  • The Power Behind API Integration

    With our flexible options available for SMS API’s, we offer a range of business benefits, which allows for a way to modernise your overall communication processes as well as automate your customer interactions by adding text messaging into the daily workflow.

  • Integration

    Use Promotexter’s innovative and efficient API Key System to easily and quickly edit your New User credentials when it comes to sending through your preferable API. Adding SMS functionality into your current software is now a simple task.

  • Automation

    Communicate directly with all your customers from within your own internal software. From here you are able to save valuable resources and time by creating a mobile-messaging workflow that is automated to deal with outbound and inbound client interactions.

  • Reporting

    There is a delivery receipt generated for every individual SMS which is tracked as well as posted back to the software which creates an audit-trail which shows the application the time the messages were sent and delivered to a handset.

  • Accessibility

    You have the ability to create a hierarchy that is dedicated to multiple API users within your organisation. You can also track-individual reporting and manage the access permissions for different users using just one Promotexter account.

  • Security

    You have the option to whitelist your IP address both for API transactions and our web platform. Added to full support for HTTPS TLS 1.3 you can be sure your messages are protected.

  • Future-Ready

    Engage with the Promotexter development team in order to add in scripting or customise the features of one of our off-the-shelf APIs. As your business needs change, so can the functionalities of Promotexter.

  • Support

    If you are faced with any hurdles, or you need help to set-up or you simply require a further understanding about the advantages that API integration is able to offer your business, we have a Customer Care team on call to offer support for any technical needs.

  • SMS API Integration

    With the benefits of SMS directly available to you, you can communicate cost-effectively and directly with customers and employees from across the globe.

    A primary benefit of deciding to partner with Promotexter is our flexible and powerful integration choices, which enables businesses to seamlessly integrate mobile messaging into day-to-day operations. APIs offer our clients the capacity to integrate SMS into every facet of the business, websites, applications, intranets, ERPs, CRM, and any other type of corporate software. This provides real-time messaging capabilities into corporate applications that already exist.

    Our mobile-messaging team of specialists are backed by years of intensive experience when it comes to integrating messaging requirements that are complex into the existing corporate-ecosystems. Our development team works with you in order to gain an understanding of your needs in order to tailor solutions, with the use of a web interface that is secure into any of your existing systems.

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