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Web-Based SMS Solutions

Our user-friendly, cloud-based web SMS platform offers unrestricted access to our SMS gateway. Fully responsive and compatible with any web browser, you can receive and send SMS messages to any part of the world from any internet-connected device including mobile.

Designed by us and refined by our users, our SMS platform is an exceptional web SMS platform containing some of the most advanced messaging capabilities. We’ve perfected the program’s user interface by incorporating customers first, making it easier and possible for us to create something that gets what you need to be done fast.

By offering unlimited flexibility, it does not matter if you send bulk SMS texts to various groups or an individual SMS, our state-of-the-art SMS platform gives you the ability to send messages how you want. However small or big your business is, our online SMS platform offers you a way to manage your mobile communication fast, economically and reliably.SMS.

Some of the Benefits Our Web SMS Service Has To Offer:

  • The easiest and quickest way to start sending SMS text messages online
  • Send SMS from any tablet, smartphone, Mac or PC with an internet connection
  • Requires no installation or downloads
  • No hidden development costs
  • Communicate with target audience with two-way or one-way messaging
  • Integration portal with API for system integrators and developers

Our SMS Platform’s Key Features

It doesn’t matter if you want to send a single message or several hundred thousand; our SMS platform is a unique, feature-rich online platform that gives you the power to manage everything related to sending text messages on the web. Upload or create contact lists, use our custom field feature to get personalised messaging, get advanced reporting, and manage opt-outs. Our fully-featured business-ready web SMS platform is chockfull with features that make it easy to create even the most intricate SMS campaigns.

  • Custom Fields and Contact Fields

    Our web-based SMS platform allows users to import their contacts into a pre-saved list via xls or CSV files. This makes segmenting data easy and saves time as the people you contact most are only a click away.

    On the platform, you still can import extra information about a particular contact into custom fields, allowing you to personalise your messages.

  • Compose Send and File Send

    The ‘Compose Send’ feature allows you to send a message to individual contacts or an imported contact list, whereas ‘File Send’ offers you the flexibility to upload a message and send it directly from a file without having to save it. The good thing is that both allow for message content personalisation using custom fields.

  • Unicode Support

    Our platform also supports Unicode and multipart messaging. This allows you to send messages in various languages.

  • Templates

    Do you send one message often? With our web-based SMS platform, you can save the messages you often send as a template so you can easily access them anywhere when you want when SMSing your contact list. The platform also allows you to share templates with other users.

  • Opt-Out Manager

    It’s vital that a business stays complaint when sharing SMS messages. Our SMS platform comes with an opt-out manager that ensures that recipients who opt out get automatically unsubscribed from your business’ recipient list. Unlike many competitors, our opt-out feature is able to handle opt-out requests from recipients anywhere in the world without the need for a 2-way number.

  • Advanced Triggers, Scheduling and Campaigns

    For people who send messages often, our platform has a campaign feature that offers greater control over when and how messages are sent.

    You can schedule your campaign to send messages at a later date or at different times.

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