Why SMS Marketing Could Be The Key To Success

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SMS Marketing is the Key to Success

So you are keen to ensure that your business is on track for a long and successful future? That in itself doesn’t differentiate you from countless other businesses, all of whom share the same aim. However, there is something that can have you really standing out from the rest and putting your name up there with the top dogs. What are we talking about? Making your marketing strategy work for you!

Why Consider SMS Marketing?

Of course, you may already be spending a significant amount implementing your current marketing plan and the idea of expanding it to include another facet may, at first, seem like a bad idea. If these are the thoughts that are going through your mind right now, it’s time to think again.

From sole traders to large companies, businesses of all sizes are seeing the effective results of integrating SMS marketing into their marketing strategy. Do you really want to be left behind?

Do People Really View Texting As A Big Part Of Their Life?

People Texting

Allow us to give you an interesting statistic on this one; Simmons national Consumer Study carried out a study which showed that 91 percent of Millenials will send text messages during a normal week. There’s more; over half of Millennials are happy to give out their mobile number when an incentive is involved. It’s quite a staggering thought, isn’t it?

What Is One Of The Biggest Pluses To SMS Marketing?

We really can’t cover all of the benefits that come with SMS marketing within a few minutes, however, let us tell you about what we see to be one of the biggest pluses. Did you know that SMS has a read rate of 90 percent within a few minutes? Unlike other marketing forms, SMS marketing is pretty much guaranteed to reach the eyes of a large percentage of your target audience. Can you really afford to miss out on a marketing strategy that has your message read in such a quick fashion?

Is Our Generation Going Mute?

We don’t mean that literally! That being said, have you noticed that so many of us would rather be contacted by message than a phone call. Both in the business world, as well as in our social world we are starting to draw more and more to the tendency of communicating via messaging, in one way or another. It seems that many of us simply do not enjoy talking on the phone the way we used to.

Perhaps it’s down to our busy lives, trying to juggle too many things at once and hence the convenience that comes with being able to receive and reply to messages at a time that suits us. Or perhaps we have become so used to communicating by messaging that we shy away from phone calls when they are not necessary. Whatever the reason happens to be, it’s clear that businesses need to accept and embrace this sway towards communicating via SMS.

Quick Communication Can Result In A Quick Purchase

Having too much time to think is one of the enemies of consumer purchasing. When the communication is fast, the purchase can be just as quick. SMS marketing allows for direct communication with potential consumers without a significant delay in them understanding what you are trying to say. The result for you can be a quick order and a healthier bottom line for your business. After all, that’s what you are aiming for, right?

Such direct communication also has another more long-term benefit for your business. For many businesses, it’s not just about a one-off purchase but rather about building up a lasting relationship. Direct communication can go a long way in reaching this. It allows for a good rapport and relationship to build up between the brand and their consumers. Ultimately, it is relationships like these that are going to ensure that your business isn’t just around for the next year but instead has the chance of being around for the next decade.

Do You Hate Having To Wait For Feedback?

It’s true that some marketing campaigns and strategies are in for the long-haul, it’s the way they are designed and the way they need to work. SMS marketing, however, isn’t quite like this. In fact, if you use it to initiate a survey you will find, on average, that around 31 percent will respond using their smartphone. On top of that, the response time is usually around 6 minutes. Now that is what we call feedback on demand!

We know that you are keen to have a successful and thriving business and surely you already make use of a satisfactory marketing strategy. However, if you are not using SMS marketing to the full you really could be putting your business behind your competition. Indeed, SMS marketing could be the key to your business’s future success.

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